Week 1 Weigh-in : Losing Weight

I am on a weight loss journey that I started May 17th. Each week I weigh in and let ya’ll know how I’m doing. If you’d like more frequent updates, follow us on Twitter.

Where I’m at:

Weight: 322lbs. (two-pound loss)

How it is going

Off to a weak start. It can only get better. The two-pound loss could be anything; time of day, electric scale faultiness, less clothes. So, I’m not celebrating yet.

I haven’t been good about recording every meal, though I have paid attention to the nutrition of the things I eat (did you know milk has about 15g of sugar per serving?!?). It is hard to record homemade meals like stir-fry and quesadilla. The food tracker that I use makes it really easy to scan bar codes to get the info, but in general, I’d like to avoid processed foods.

I¬†exercised (cardio) 2 times, once on Wednesday and once on Sunday. That is about half as often as my goal. I haven’t even begun to stretch. This week I’m going to step up my game to get on track. Truth be told, I’d rather start slow and gain momentum than to jump in head first and fizzle out. So, I feel comfortable this first week. Time to move forward.

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4 thoughts on “Week 1 Weigh-in : Losing Weight

  1. Maggie Colton

    It's a good start Peter! Good for you for starting to get healthy! I was on Weight Watchers the majority of last year, and have now begun again (after gaining back 7 of the 23 lbs I lost) about 5 wks ago. 2 lbs a week would be great if you can keep that up! Congratulations!


  2. John

    Of course milk is also an excellent source of protein and calcium. It's true that if you're just looking for something to drink for hydration, water is probably best, but milk is great after a workout for muscle recovery. Some people may think the idea of drinking a glass of milk after working out is not appetizing, but I've found that I normally crave it. In any case, if you're like me and like drinking something with flavor (not water) and you can consistently choose milk over soda, for example with ~40g of sugar, then I'd say you're doing great.

    *I just lost a whole pile of stuff I wrote here! Gah!!! I hate that. I have some great resources on working out and eating from a program I did through menshealth.com a while back. I don't claim to be an expert at keeping up with the good habits (that takes a lot more than just having the info! heh) but the program is solid and is very reasonable for a normal person's lifestyle (not like some of the plans that basically turn you into a personal trainer). Let me know if you would like me to send or compile the information for you. I don't know that a long comment on a blog post is the best way to share it.


    1. Petey Boy

      Milk has wonderful benefits, I just assumed it didn’t have sugar in it… it just never occurred to me.

      As I get more mobile, I probably will hit you up for advice/resources.


      1. John

        Yeah, I suppose it is a bit unexpected that there is that amount of sugar in something that wasn't mixed up in a factory with corn syrup. BTW, I think it's actually the sugar in milk that is the issue for people with lactose intolerance… in case you were wondering.


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