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3 thoughts on “How I’ve been feeling the last 3 months : Chart

  1. John

    I feel your pain! The time in my life that I was most successful with a workout routine was when I worked out in the morning. I know… SO HARD TO WAKE UP! I haven’t had much success getting up early for anything in the last year or so much less exercise.

    The morning seemed like the perfect time because it’s all about metabolism. We’re supposed to eat breakfast to get our metabolism going, we’re supposed to eat small meals and snacks during the day to keep it going, we’re supposed to stop eating after dinner as metabolism slows down for the day. Exercise in the morning kick starts everything and then that first meal of the day goes right into rebuilding muscle.

    Mornings can be rough though. The next best thing that worked for me was having something to do during after work exercise. I love watching TV shows and movies, and in the winter I wasn’t going to be exercising outside anyway, so I did my exercise routine while watching about an hour of TV. It definitely helped the time go by quickly. Obviously, we’ve seen people do this with treadmills and bikes, but I did it will a circuit training workout – pushups, sit ups, squats, lunges, etc.


  2. Ryan Trattles

    It’s not the easiest answer, but really, just do it. When you get home, just mentally force yourself to get ready for a workout, then workout.

    The first couple weeks will be rough, but after that, you’ll find that right after work, you’re body gets ready to workout. Your energy will improve, and even after your workout, you’ll stop lagging into the night and have a new hump of energy.


  3. Gordy

    In my view the best way to get healthy is to follow your stated goal and live a different lifestyle and diet. Check out the first chapter of “Foods to Fight Cancer” to see what our western lifestyle and diet is doing to us. But making the change isn’t easy either since to live in our society you’ve got to have some dough.


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