Archive | November, 2011

Morning Frost

16 Nov


Walking in to work a couple of weeks ago, I saw this lone tree with the sun rising behind it. I thought is was beautiful. I quickly grabbed a camera to see if I could capture the moment to share with everyone. I’m okay with these pictures, but they really don’t do justice to the […]

American Censorship Day

16 Nov


The video does a good job of explaining what we are raising awareness about. Check out the infographic/a> if you don’t like moving pictures.

Canning : Projects

15 Nov


Inspired by the book I was reading, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, I decided that it would be fun to give canning a go. I didn’t know how to can or how to pickle… but I was determined to figure it out. Abby and I went to the farmer’s market to pick […]