Week 2 Weigh-in : Losing Weight

I am on a weight loss journey that I started May 17th. Each week I weigh in and let ya’ll know how I’m doing. If you’d like more frequent updates, follow me on Twitter.

Where I’m at:

Weight: 322lbs. (zero-pound loss)

How it is going

No loss this week. <sadface> I’ve done the elliptical twice since last week… and ran/walked with Abby yesterday. I don’t think the elliptical is giving me the cardio workout I need. The run/walk, on the other hand, I’m still feeling. I think it is warm enough (88 degrees!!!) to switch over to running outside now. My goal is cardio 4 times a week. The past two weeks I’ve done cardio 3/week. So, time to step it up a bit more. Still feeling good about gaining momentum!

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One thought on “Week 2 Weigh-in : Losing Weight

  1. Luke

    yr building muscle too dont forget.


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