Insulation and Pine Board:: Tiny House

Tiny House Pine Board Tongue and Groove Planking

I have neglecting posting for too long. We have been so busy… as you can imagine. Though I am constantly thinking about it and taking pictures for it, I just forget to make time to actually share those with you. If you want more frequent updates… you can follow me on Twitter or Tumblr… but those also have non-Tiny-House things mixed in.

Tiny House Pine Board Tongue and Groove Planking

But the good news is that I have lots of pictures! Hurrah! These pictures focus on the insulation and interior walls.

For insulation, we considered a bunch of options… Denim, blown-in, rigid foam, spray foam, and fiberglass. Ultimately, we decided on fiberglass mainly because of the price. We felt that the benefits of other, perhaps more “green”, options weren’t significant enough to justify the steep price tag.

We did however decide to buy pine board (also sometimes called tongue and groove, pine planks, and car siding). We found an amazing sale at Menards that brought the cost down to just barely over the price of drywall. The benefits of pine board are significant in non-green ways in that it is extremely light compared to drywall, which is great for a trailer. We also like the look and feel of wood. Check out the pics below.

Ceiling Insulation

You can see the insulation in the ceiling… and we’ve started the Pine Board by this point. I should point out that these photos were taken in July and August.

Tiny House Back Wall Insulation and Pine Board

You can see a good cross section of the insulation and pine boards used on the back wall. We put pine everywhere, including the ceiling.

Tiny House insulation and electrical whole house audio

Here is the insulation in our kitchen. You can also see some of the electrical.

Tiny House Insulation Bedroom

Tiny House Bedroom Insulation and Pine Board.

Tiny House Bedroom Pine Board.

Just needs trim.

Getting a start on the Pine tongue and groove board

This was the first wall we put planking on… with the help of my dad. The grey rectangle next to the door is an in-wall speaker.

Tiny House Wall Pine Board Tongue and Groove Planking

Tiny House In-wall speaker for the "living room" Whole House Audio

Being a tech guy, I’ve always wanted a whole house audio system. No easier, cheaper, or better place to make that a reality than in a Tiny House.

Tiny House Pine Board Tongue and Groove planking in Living Room

View of the living room from the loft. Just needs trim.

Tiny House Pine Board Tongue and Groove planking in Kitchen

This wall will be used as a spacer between the refrigerator and the stove. The stove side will have shelves for spices. Apologies for the tripod in the shot.

Tiny House Pine Board Tongue and Groove planking in Kitchen

Here is the stove side of the divider.

Tiny House Pine Board Tongue and Groove planking in Kitchen

This is the view towards the bedroom.

Tiny House Pine Board Tongue and Groove planking painted in Kitchen

Here is the same kitchen wall painted white. We decided to paint because we really loved the look of the Protohaus.

That is all for now. We have lots more to show you. Thanks for stopping by.

If you are new here check out our Tiny House Journey to get up to speed. If you’d like more frequent updates, follow me on Twitter.

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5 thoughts on “Insulation and Pine Board:: Tiny House

  1. Michael

    An idea on the divider between the stove and refrigerator:
    Since the lower part won’t be accessible when the stove is in place, what about some narrow drawers to make use of the space. Looks like a nice spot to keep cookie sheets, etc.


    1. Petey Boy

      That is a great idea! I saw this pull-out on pinterest as was thinking about putting the whole divider on wheels.


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