6 o’clock News :: Tiny House

Last Night we were on the 6 o’clock news in Milwaukee on TMJ4 for the Tiny House. Here is the story from their site. The video is below.

I am currently building a Tiny House. I am updating the blog as the project moves along.  Check out my post on Feb 24th to get the scoop. If you’d like more frequent updates, follow me on Twitter.

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6 thoughts on “6 o’clock News :: Tiny House

  1. anotherkindofdrew

    Great coverage. Loved hearing you talk about your home. Have some thoughts for you if you are interested. They are about marketing your tiny house, getting some sponsorship, etc.


    1. Petey Boy

      Thanks! I am interested in your thoughts about marketing.


  2. Jeff T

    @0:05 – Did she just call you Paul?


  3. Pahls

    AWESOME!! We love this story and can’t wait to see your new home!!


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