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2013 was a crazy year for the Fat and Crunchy Family. We moved across the country, added a new member to the family, and worked on some fun projects. As you are aware, I’ve let the blog stagnate and I’m sorry about that. I thought I’d be able to get back to it once we were settled. But the truth is, it still doesn’t feel like we have settled at all. Because of our busyness and life changes, it feels as though we are in a constant state of moving forward… in a good way.

Although, we haven’t done anything with the Tiny House, we’ve been making a lot of changes on our quest for a simpler, healthier, and more sustainable life. Our finances have changed significantly. I’ve been consuming the knowledge of Mr. Money Mustache and Early Retirement Extreme and we have really started changing the way we think about money and how it relates to our needs. I look forward to share our findings with you.

We’ve also continued to simplify our things. Since our move, our family of four lives in a 600 sq. ft. condominium. It is no tiny house, but it somehow feels too small. We’ve made some realizations about how inefficiently modern houses/structures are designed. So much wasted space! Not to mention it is hard to pare down your ‘things’ when you have new family members joining you. We’ll be exploring this idea more.

I’ve also discovered other folks like myself that are trying to continually better themselves. One inspiration in particular is David from Raptitude. His writing is so insightful and meaningful to me. It is quite an inspiration. I like his idea to do ‘experiments’ to improve his life. It is nice because it gives you the freedom to fail… because it is just an experiment after all. No biggie. Just see how it goes.

Our goals are in need of a dusting off and reflecting on. I’ve had some weight loss success that I’ll share more soon. We’ve accomplished the goal to ‘experience life on the west coast’. So, that’s exciting.

All in all a good year. Looking forward to 2014!

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