The Tiny House Journey : Project

Table of Contents (subject to change):

  1. Pre-Trailer Floorplan (see Updated Layout below)
  2. The Trailer
  3. Subfloor and Walls
  4. Trusses and Sheathing
  5. Siding
  6. Moving the Tiny House
  7. Metal Roof
  8. Updated Layout
  9. Insulation and Pine Board
  10. Interior Painting/a>
  11. For Sale :: Tiny House 🙁

Our next journey is upon us. We have fully committed to building a Tiny House! Which are usually small houses on a trailers, but sometimes they aren’t on wheels. There is a big small house movement right now that I am excited to join in on. It is about doing more with less. It is about downsizing. It is about enjoying people and not things. It is some people’s response to the wasteful McMansion trend.

As for our family, we are doing it for a number of reasons. The biggest one for us is that it frees us from being locked down in one spot. We can build this and know that we have shelter just about wherever we can move it. We aren’t going to be in Fond du Lac for much longer. This will open up our property search options. We don’t have to find land with a house. We can just look for land.

For me personally, building a house has been a dream of mine for about 5 years. I’ve wanted to build something that doesn’t waste our resources. The Tiny house isn’t going to be as eco-friendly as I want in a house, but it is a great first step. You can bet we are going to try as hard as possible to re-use and upcycle as much as possible. As our family grows, we will have to expand and I know we will have to move to a larger space eventually. Hopefully, we will have found land that we love and can build a strawbale earthship; my ultimate dream house. The tiny house at that time will be used as a studio for Abby’s art and/or a guest house. Who knows… maybe it will be the kid’s room.

Our house will be on a 7’x24′ utility trailer 32′ gooseneck trailer. We will extend the sides a bit so that it is 8′ wide. There, Elliot, Abby, and I will live until we outgrow it. Please subscribe to follow us on this journey. I will also be updating this post with pertinent links to our progress (table of contents on top). I’ve also added “Build a Tiny House” to our goals.

Photo copyright belongs to Dan Louche at Tiny Home Builders. 

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6 thoughts on “The Tiny House Journey : Project

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  2. anotherkindofdrew

    I wanted to stop in and give y’all a word of encouragement. We are also a family of three. Our daughter is 7 months old. We are micro-farmers and homesteaders (although I currently maintain a “day job”) and are building our 30′ tiny house. While we are not so concerned with being 100% mobile (as we will remain rather stable due to farming) we are developing our tiny house as part of a POD system that will grow with our family rather than us buying some huge house and growing into it.

    Keep up the great work. Best of luck in all your goals and I look forward to reading more about y’alls successes!


    1. Petey Boy

      Thanks! I just subscribed to your youtube channel the other day. I look forward to learning from you all. We are also looking to become micro-farmers someday. Glad you found my site.


  3. Moving the :: Tiny House | Fat & Crunchy

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    1. Petey Boy

      The house is called “Tiny Living” and it is designed by Dan Louche over at Tiny Home Builders. It is a beautiful design.


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