The August Harvest : Garden

Thanks to Abby actually planting some seeds in a planter first, we have a few things growing. One the cucumber plants has done really well and we are going to get a handful of those.Tiny Growing CucumberPickle Sized Cucumber on Vine
We have a watermelon starting. I can’t wait until this thing gets big enough to crack into.
A couple small squash. Can we even do anything with these?
Summer Squash
One Small Radish and one HUGE radish.
The first thing we picked this season.Cucumber







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4 thoughts on “The August Harvest : Garden

  1. Chris Hofer

    Cool photos, Peter!


  2. Boucher

    Hey Petey!

    I’m going to be joining you in a gardening venture. I have limited space and am starting at a weird time, but I think the climate here will play in my favor. I’ll keep you posted.


    1. Petey Boy

      That is awesome! Might I suggest building a self watering container. They are great for spaces that don’t have a lot of lawn… can be put on patios and so forth. Also, you don’t have to remember to water all the time. Good luck! Let me know how it goes.


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