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Bee on Flower
I went to my first beekeeping class last night! It was great! There were a bunch of people there interested in learning how to keep bees. It (the first class) was more of a science class than a how-to. Next we get into the nitty-gritty of the bee hives and how to do it.

The people leading the class were great and really informative. They had nice anecdotes and answered folks’ questions really well. One of the gentleman used to keep 250 hives. Wow, this dude loves bees. He is a great asset and I’m glad I’m learning from him.

I found it intriguing how new queens were made. Basically the hive creates Royal Jelly for a special larva and pumps that queen-to-be full of the stuff until she is ready to take over. Bees are so cool. I can’t wait to start beekeeping. We are looking to move west this summer, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep bees, but maybe I will do it anyhow.

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