Making a Brooder Box

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Alright, Papa Petey here. We’re in the garage because I’m going to make a little brooder for chicks, little baby chicks. We’re going to get some new ones, six new ones in two weeks, and so, we need a space to put them while they grow, their first stages of life, and we’re going to do it here in the garage where it’s warm, or warmer, away from the elements. And I wanted to show you guys what that looks like. We’re going to put the brooder somewhere in here, and the first thing we need to do is clean up the garage a little bit. And you get the pleasure of watching me clean. So, we got the garage cleaned out, and now it’s time to actually cut the box. The six chicks, we need two square feet per chick. Total of 12 square feet, and so what I’m going to do is a box that’s three feet by four feet. We’re going to use this real thin cedar wood that we got and we haven’t been able to use. It’s just this, well, we used it, and it didn’t work as well as we wanted, it’s just this really cheap wood that we found at Home Depot. So, this seems like a good application to use it. It’s essentially scrap wood at this point. Feel like I got to say something here, and that’s, I didn’t get much sleep last night. I’m not really sure why, so I’m going to be extra rambly in this video. I also don’t really have the capacity, I feel like, to measure, so I’m just going to do some, just going to chop the wood instead. So, that’s what this is going to look like. Woof, that was a good chop. Looks about three feet, and I’ll just set that here, I guess. And this guy, need another three feet board and a four feet board. Uh, how do I want to do this? Actually, I’m just going to go like this. Looks about four feet. Know this method’s messy, but it’s effective. Now they just need to get assembled, and there’s no better way to assemble boards then letting them assemble themselves. ♪ Doin’ some bad woodworking ♪ Say about that? ♪ Doin’ some really bad woodworking ♪ So, here’s the finished box, it’s it’s pretty fragile, as you can imagine. It’s super light, super wobbly, but for our needs, it’s going to work perfect. We just need to keep all the chicks in, and that’s about it. It’s perfect for our needs, a temporary little box, a brooder box, and I’m glad you guys were able to see it. Now, all I’ve got to do is let it fill itself up with some pine shavings, get the feeder in there, get the waterer, and then get a heat lamp going. There you go, that’s it, thanks for checking it out. That’s my brooder box, and see you next week when we get new chicks. We’re also going to be doing some other stuff. Okay, thank you. Have a good one.

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