Egg Collecting and Coop Cleaning


– Peter here, just showing you what I’m up to this weekend. I can tell that I waited too long to feed the chickens, ’cause they flew the coop, they’re out. They’re out of their whole pen. Some of them are still back there, stuck in there, but anyways, they’re hungry, so let’s get them fed! So this is the chicken coop where we actually keep the feed, you can see it’s empty, so we need to fill it up, so let’s do that. See the bin for the feed, I’ve used a five gallon pail, in a galvanized pan, and I’ve put holes in the bottom of the pail so that this sort of is the proto-feeder. Neato! So I thought I’d show you guys what I do to clean the coop, check for eggs. Ooh, so we’ve actually got a lot of eggs, I wasn’t expecting that. ♪ I’m collecting those eggs, ♪ ♪ Put em in my apron, ♪ ♪ So they don’t run away. ♪ ♪ Now I’m gonna clean that coop, ♪ ♪ Because it’s full of chicken poop. ♪ ♪ Take the hay away for today. ♪ What I do is, I get some nice clean hay and spread it around. And the chickens will come and fix it how they like. So with this tray, I can see this one doesn’t have a lot of chicken poop in it, so I’m actually just gonna leave this. This one, I’m not even gonna bother taking this tray out ’cause there’s not much crud in here. Neato! That’s it, more or less, feeding and cleaning the coops. Obviously we water them, as well, but it’s just a matter of putting water in the bucket for now. But I’m pretty psyched, we got 11 eggs from that coop, and we got four eggs from this coop. And that’s over a week’s worth of time. I didn’t know they were laying that much. Last week we got five eggs, for a week, and then the previous week it was like two eggs, so they’re back producing, which is really good. So I’m psyched about that. Alright, thanks for watching, see you guys! ♪ I’m collecting those eggs ♪ ♪ Put em in my apron ♪ ♪ So they don’t run away ♪ I do want to show you, one of the downfalls of putting eggs in your apron. As you can imagine. ♪ Egg-splosion! ♪

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