Checking in on the “easy” apple cider vinegar

It has been a few months since I put a bunch of apples in a bucket to make apple cider vinegar. I thought I’d just check in and see how they’re doing, to see if this method is gonna work at all. One month in, this is what they looked like – not a good sign.

Rotten Apples in a bucket

I know it doesn’t look good but there was a nice sweet smell. Unfortunately, they look like rotten apples. That was sort of the fear and what most comments said would likely happen. I figured the apple were shot at this point, but I decided to add sugar to one bucket and sort of mash it up as best I could.

In December, I checked on them again to see what’s up. It had been about two months since I first put the apple in the buckets. Here is what they looked like. The one with sugar on the right… and nothing added on the left.

Two buckets of rotten apples

Looks like some bugs got through the cheese cloth. Pretty much a no go on these apples. What’re you gonna do about it? Not drink it, that’s for sure. Oh well, good experiment. It was a long shot. They were just windfall apples so we’ll try again next year, probably with a press this time, do it the right way, because the easy method is not really a method. Well, isn’t that just the way the cookie crumbles or the apple ferments, or rots? Pretty much it’s just rotting; it’s not fermenting. Anyway, thanks for watching; bye!

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