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Well, the building trades students are officially done working on the house. They did an excellent job and I’m forever grateful for the help everyone was able to give. It probably would have taken us all summer to do what they did in 6 weeks. A lot of the students mentioned that it feels good to be working on something they know folks will actually live in. Normally, their class builds a structure inside their shop and then they tear it down at the end of the semester. So it was a win-win.

Building Trades Class

Thank you for your skills and time!

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3 thoughts on “Building Trades :: Tiny House

  1. Jon

    How much does it weigh? Also curious about overall trailer dimensions: What does the trailer weigh by itself? I see there is a room over the gooseneck, how long is the area over the gooseneck where the room was built? Also, how high is the dick of the trailer from the ground? Pics and info of inside with heat plumbing hot water, grey/black water storage etc. Awesome job By the way. Looking to do 40′ but nervous about weight, thats why im curious about the weight of your trailer.


    1. Petey Boy

      Hello Jon,

      I know it is terrible, but I have no idea how much it weighs or will weigh. The trailer is rated for 12,000 lbs. I am worried about weight, but I’m not sure how you go about calculating something like that. We have made sure to be as light as possible in our choices for materials. I suppose I could bring it to a weighing station every few weeks, but that would really be a hassle. If you have any good suggestions, let me know.

      The house extends 6 feet over the gooseneck. The deck is a bit higher than we would have liked at 28 inches from the ground.

      We’ll get pics up of the plumbing as we get it in. Thanks for the interest.


      1. Jenn

        You could take it to get it weighed at a gravel bank


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